BudLight Straw-ber-Rita & Lime-A-Rita

Husband and I was in the mode for drinking and apparently get drunk this weekend. He had beer and I had this new Budlight fruity beer drink. I like the Straw-ber-Rita and seriously it knocked me down. It made me threw up when I mixed the Straw-ber-Rita and lime-a-rita as the later was too sour that my stomach reacted so i vomit. However, having those head ache and upset stomach won't discourage me from drinking again. I found my new fave beer/alcohol drink finally.

Beigel's Cupcakes

I haven't updated this blog in a while now. Well, I want to share this Beigel's Cupcakes platter that I bought at Costco.
I'ts a good snack for kids especially the ones with sprinkles, my two cupcakes monster love this. I'm glad that my kids don't have any allergies when it comes to food and they can eat whatever food they like. However for those health conscious and watch the kind of food they eat, well this cupcake is lactose free and no trans fat, and to top it all it's cheap and good.

Buy Cutlery at the Knife Store – Yes or No?

It used to be that if you were in need of a special knife or a new slicing tool you would simply head over to the local cutlery store (e.g. Bedbathandbeyond.com) and speak with the proprietor about what your best options might be, or stop in at the local hardware store which would be well-stocked with an array of knives and other useful kitchen aids. With the advent of big box home improvement stores the local hardware store has basically gone the way of the dinosaur and unless you live in a major city it is difficult to find a store that specializes in just knives.

Fortunately there is another excellent option in terms of getting the right cooking knife for your needs and that is the internet. When you shop online you can do so any time of the day or night from the comfort and safety of home without regard to conventional retail store hours. It’s easy to visit manufacturer’s website to learn everything you need to know about why materials, design and construction are all important elements to be considered when you are shopping for knives. It’s also a convenient way to look at hundreds of options without chasing all over town looking for the proverbial needle in a haystack.

Perhaps you are in the market for a good set of chef’s knives to be presented as a special birthday or housewarming gift; you want to buy something of the best possible quality because you know the knives will be used for years to come and each use will be a reminder of your thoughtfulness. This is when websites can be especially helpful because in addition to all of the manufacturer’s information you can read reviews and ratings to learn more about how people who actually bought the knives you may be considering feel about them. No sales associate could ever offer the perspective that thousands of actual customers can provide and the information is all at your fingertips with the click of the mouse.

When you do not have access to a local knife store your best bet is to visit the website of your favorite bath and kitchen store because you know they will stand behind the goods they sell; if there is any problem you can count on a timely resolution when you do business with a company you already know. If the knives are stocked in the store it is also a great opportunity to get an idea of how they actually feel in your hand – a good grip makes a knife easier to work with.