Yummy Sunday and Weekend Eating

It was the buckaroo's birthday last Friday and we only had birthday cake and spaghetti. I also finished up all the breaded shrimp even if I ended up eating them all. Simple birthday party from our simple abode.


shutter happy jenn said...

Happy birthday, Buckaroo! If I am served the breaded shrimps, I;d eat it all, too. :)

Thanks for joining Weekend Eating, hope to see you again next week. :)

Halie said...

Those shrimps are calling out my name. Delicious!

If you have time, do drop by:

My Weekend Eating Post

Lulu said...

oh my my i love those shrimps!

Cookie said...

your food is mouth-watering. i love camaroon rebosado :p yummy spaghetti, too!
by the way, is it only me? coz i only see photobuckets in your header.
tnx for dropping by my site ;-)

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 gmirage said...

What a feast! Love everything here!


Dhemz said...

adik ka jud sa shrimp tsang...lami kau ang handa...yum!naa pay salin salin diha?

Dhemz said...

btw, ganahan ko sa imong layout tsang....:)

cherry said...

birthday parties are never complete without cake and spaghetti. they look yummy=)

thanks for the visit=)


inday_adin said...

Hmmmmm... good eating! Yummy!

Adin B

♥♥ Willa ♥♥ said...

Mars, may tira pa ba sa handa ni Jake?:D
I love the new layout! Nice!!!

Visiting from Weekend Eating

purplecat said...

wow! i want those shrimp tempuras!! Im sure you all had a great time =)

Lui of Unfiltered Musings visiting via Weekend Eating

Cheerful said...

sarap naman, cake, shrimp at spag...solved na ako, thanks! happy birthday! sana nagpasabi ka tinulungan kitang ubusin iyang shrimps, hehehe :) PinayMum - Mommy's Life Around...have a great week!