New Cookware for our New Kitchen

As of this moment my family and I have been very busy moving little by little all our stuff to the new house. To tell you honestly we have so many things lacking in our kitchen. We need new kitchen utensils and cookware. My sister in law who live in Chicago gave us lots of kitchen ware like plates and complete set of knives. Then my MIL handed over to me most of her baking set and cookware because she thinks she is not going to use it anymore. All the kitchen stuff for baking and cooking that I got from my MIL are not new. I used some of it but the rest I hid it since we do not have a lot of space to put in. With this new house we just bought, I sure need more kitchen utensils, cookware, appliances and furniture.

When we moved to this house, we bought a complete set of cookware. It was a cheap kind so after a couple of times using it decided to threw it out. Then I found a non stick cookware which I thought would be a good brand. I am still using it now but I am planning of buying a new non stick cookware after we move. We have the list already of the important things we need to buy for our new kitchen. A nice kitchen deserved a quality and durable kitchen furniture and cookware. However, while I was browsing the net looking for cookware I came across the website Tesco Direct. If you are looking for important things you need for you home, then check out their website. Tesco Direct is your one stop shop for cookware, appliances and much more with fast delivery and great savings. So, go ahead click on the link provided and start shopping what you need to complement the look of your kitchen.


Dhemz said...

mau pani si kitchen dakay busy pa sa opps...ehehehe!

mao jud ni makaparat magbalhin tsang..daghan paliton sa...ehehehe...:)

Magixx said...

nice stuff, I should get that stuff for myself, too :D

nice blog, keep it up!

♥♥ Willa ♥♥ said...

wow! ang dami pala sa iyong pamana ni MIL ,akala nya yata masipag ka magluto, lol!