Riding the wind for fun

Guest post written by Pete King

As a kid, I always thought that wind surfing looked so much fun. Well I finally gave it a try about a year ago and I haven't turned back since then. It's just so great to feel yourself riding the waves and the wind and being able to manipulate the craft with your legs and arms. Plus, it's an all-around great workout for your body.

I would say that it's even more fun to know that it's helping me in that way too. While I was looking up some new places to go wind surfing online, I saw some info on Mobile Broadband 4G and after I read through it some I decided to sign up for it.

I was to be able to learn as much as possible and keep up with the weather so I'll know how it will affect my wind surfing. Now if I could only get my girlfriend to buy a board and get into it too, I could really kill two birds with one stone.


Dhemz said...

labay ko dire tsang...mau pa dire da kay gabaha pa ang mga opps...ehehhee!