New Home, New Kitchen Ware

I got this fryer for free by writing product review. I shopped the promo code in their online store. This was the last kitchen ware that I bought lat year.

Moving is expensive, tiring and stressful. Buying a house is worse but it's definitely change your status in the society. Besides the fact that it will change your life in many aspect it will also change the family's priority. When we were renting, we did not have enough kitchen ware and other stuff to use in the kitchen during gathering. We avoid to invite friends and family during special occasion because of the lack of kitchen wares. My mother-in-law gave me all her stuffs in the kitchen but I have to buy new kitchenaid food processor parts because the one she gave looks old. It might stop working one day, so it's best to have new kitchen processor. This is very useful utensils and materials in the kitchen. Buying new kitchen stuffs including silver ware, utensils, plate, glasses and more are some of the things we have in the list. We just moved in to our new home last summer. We practically do not have everything so we need to start buying furniture, appliances and things in the kitchen and house in general. It's hard to save money when you still have lots of important things to buy.


Dhemz said...

hay asa na kaha tong atong suki...murag na bankrupt tungod nato kay nag change ug!