My Helpful Organizer, Clipix

I’ve got so many recipes that I have yet to cook and make. I have a wealth of photos and videos to upload, articles and blogs to read, movies I want to watch with my family, and the new restaurants we want to try. All these need to be organized so that I can prioritize things and stuff to do and make. But because of the demands and rigors of motherhood, there is so little time to do all these things, even putting things in order can be a very tedious task.

Thankfully, there is clipix, my online organizer where I can put clipboards and arrange all my stuff! It’s so easy to use and just drag a bookmark button called “Clip” to the bookmarks bar and then go back anytime to check on it. Clipix is a very useful tool to classify my stuff. Clipix allows me to share my stuff to the people whom I only want to have access to it. It also has Syncboard that allows my friends to add anything to my clipboard; plus the Multiboard that helps me make categories for all my stuff, thus making things easier and systematized.

If we are in the same boat, try out Clipix by visiting their website and sign up and experience the wonders of an organized life!

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