Written by Sherri Hicks

My sister has always wanted to open a bakery and sell cupcakes. She has loved to bake since she was little, and she is a very talented baker. She stumbled across the perfect piece of property for a bakery recently and decided to go for it. She asked me to help her with the business end of things, and I told her I would. Once she started getting things set up in the bakery, I came in and set up her office. I suggested she set up her internet through, and she agreed. She already has so many customers waiting to place orders just from word of mouth. I think that she has the potential to be successful with the bakery as long as she is smart on the business end. I told her that if things go well, I would be happy to work with her full time in the bakery. I have a lot to learn about baking and she has a lot to learn about business. Hopefully together we can make a successful bakery.