Cheesecake vs. Ice Cream Cake

Jake celebrated his 4th birthday today with a smile and contentment even if there aren't much food served on the table. We just ordered out some Chinese food and of course a cake with candles to blow. He was all smile when we sang the birthday song and Justine greeted him happy birthday too. Our little man was indeed a fine kid to say thank you to us. After he blew his candles, he asked for a slice of Ice cream cake but he was too excited to open his presents so he only took a couple of bite from that ice cream cake.

Which do you prefer ice cream cake or cheesecake? I love cheesecake better than ice cream cake. You can taste the rich cream and cheese in it. Well, to all cheesecake nuts and lover out there, consider checking out if you want a delicious and decadent cake. Below was the cheesecake that my MIL brought and we took home the left over.

Another cheesy thing I miss during summer is this Strawberry cheese sensation. It was superb and I can't wait for spring or summer to come.

Let me ask you, which one would you like to eat, cheesecake or ice cream cake?