Back Online

Thanks for the post from Sylvester Campbell
Now that my husband has started a new job and he is bringing in a little more money every month, we are starting to think about splurging a little. After my layoff last year we had to cut a few of the non-essentials to help make ends me. The thing I missed the most was being able to get online from home so I think we are going to get.wildblue in the next month or so. I’ve felt so out of the loop with my friends when they talked about stuff they saw online. Just in the last year, everything has seemed to go online. No one gets or reads magazines anymore—they get all their news from internet sources. By the time I saw anything in the magazines everyone else knew about days before and it was old news so I felt pretty unhip! Plus, my parents miss me sending them pictures of the kids since they don’t get to see them that often. I know they are going to enjoy us having the internet again as much as we are!