Organic Produce

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Fresh vegetables and organically grown vegetables was something I can easily have when I was still in the Philippines.  We grow our own food in our backyard so we know that what we were eating were organic and no harmful chemicals on it.

Now that we have our own house in the USA, I can now have my own little garden.  Of course, I will use organic soil for my garden because I know that having organic food will be better and healthier for my whole family.  I have found a great help for my gardening and my goal of having organic produce, the Whitney Farms®.  Whitney Farms have been a leader in providing gardening essentials.  They have 25 years of gardening experience, so I know that their products are proven to work and are reliable.

Because I want to have organic produce, I plan to buy some of their organic plant food like the picture below.  Whitney Farms organic plant food could improve your garden because of its special protein-based blend.  Besides garden improvement, their product is very easy to use, low on dust, no manure odor and above all it has beneficial microbes.

Organic Plant Food

If you plan to have beautiful garden and want to grow them organically, use Whitney Farms products and visit their website for a $3 coupon. 

As for me, I will really use their product and hope that I will have a garden with plants like this:


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