Dora Birthday Cake

This is not the kind of cake that we expected to see. Justine is in the age right now that say and express the things she wants. When I asked her what she wanted to have on her birthday, she said, cake and toys. We wanted to order a Dora cake not a Dora toy. The husband was shocked when he picked up the cake as the persona in charge with the cake handed over to him a packed of Dora for the decoration. Well, the cake still okay even if we're disappointed with the decoration.


MEcoy said...

well i think it was just ok happy bday to her by the way

Dhemz Apdian - Dias said...

hhehehe...g apilan pa dayon ni diego...samot makasiga ug ilong...hahaha...pero it's still a good looking cake bayot...btw, nadawat ni justine to pada ni Akesha sa iya birthday?