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Lo and Behold! Perky Jerky. Grab a bite of this energizing, all natural jerky. It's a perfect meat to snack on when you're out for some adventure. It's tasty, tender and totally addicting. Jerkaholics are addicted to the awesome flavor, the tender texture, and its healthy perks! It is also US inspected and passed by department of agriculture thus one of the best jerky in the world.
Jerky is one of America's favorite meat to snack on. It's handy and you can have it anytime you want. I received a free product sample of jerky from Perky Jerky. I'm telling you, it's really good and you can't stop eating once you tried it. I've had jerky before but it was the artificial one that my husband like to snack on. Every time we go for a long drive my husband would make a quick stop at the convenient store nearby and grabbed a couple of jerky stick. Comparing the artificial jerky stick versus the natural jerky from Perky Jerky, I would say the latter is 10 times better than the artificial. If you want to experience and taste the real jerky then check out Perky Jerky.

There are two flavor of Jerky that you would enjoy eating. You can buy it at perky Jerky. Your choices would be either Beef Jerky and Turkey Jerky. Each one have its own healthy and natural ingredients that makes it addicting. It's made with a seven ingredient marinade, which includes Guarana, a little berry from the Amazon that is commonly found in energy drinks. Plus it's a good source of protien, no preservatives, and no nitrates. These are just some of the healthy perks that you would benefit from Perky Jerky.
~ Ultra Premium Beef Jerky has low calorie, low fat, low carb and high protien. It's healhty, portable and satisfying snacks made from natural ingredients like whole slices of beef and soy sauce. Perky Jerky is flavored with Guarana, so it’s the ultimate functional food. No preservatives, no nitrates, and no added MSG.
~ Ultra Premium Turkey Jerky is made out of turkey breast and soy sauce. It has low calorie, fat free, low carb, low sodium and good source of protein. is a healthy, portable and satisfying snack made from natural ingredients. It’s fat free, low carb, low cal, and a good source of protein. And Perky Jerky is flavored with Guarana, so it’s the ultimate functional food. No preservatives, no nitrates, and no added MSG.
Do you know that when you buy a pack of Perky Jerky you also help people? A portion of our earnings will be devoted to muscular dystrophy and down syndrome research. You gotta try Perky Jerky - The Action Packed Snack. It is now available at Walmart. So, Grab a jerk and Go.
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MEcoy said...

never heard or seen any but tht sound and looks interesting

zoan said...

Is it available only in the us? I hiope they import some in here

sir rob said...

Haven't tried perky jerky and I am curious of how tasteful it is that I could see what's its taste as you described it here.

Mel Cole said...

Oh I love those Perky Jerky, we enjoy eating too :D So flavorful!

Bless said...

I love perky jerky :-) My girls and my hubby liked it a lot too :-) Ours were gone in just a day and a half :-)

momgen said...

Ah dakoa katawa ni Joe oy hehe si daga nga gamay is guapa dako na gyd....Jerky is good I tried it na...hurot na amoa..

Admin said...

i have tried the beef jerky once and I instantly love it.

Emzkie said...

ka pogi ug gwapa man ning imong mga model mommy Shy. hehe.. imong bana ba maau kay game pud sya mo model. hehe.. agi ko from AH.

Dhemz Apdian - Dias said...

they're really good right? I like both flavors...:)

ka cute kau sa model tawon woi...dalaga naman kau!