Halloween Treats

Did you know that, "One quarter of all the candy sold annually in the U.S. is purchased for Halloween.

I'm throwing some of the Halloween left over candies and treats from last year. I totally forgot that I have these candies hidden in one of the cabinet. My spiderman son found it and had been sneaking around trying to steal this candy but since they never liked this one, they ended up throwing the one they stole. These candies were actually from my sister who live in Las Vegas. She sent it to me after the Halloween thinking that my kids might like it. Well, my two lil munchkins like opening each one of it but once they tasted it they're tossing it in the trash. So, I hid these candies and forgot about it.
Joe, just bought a couple bags of chocolates and two bags of candies for Halloween. But the there of them had been eating those chocolate. I doubt if the chocolates will last or even make to the Halloween which is a little over a week from now. Have you guys ready with your candies and treats for trick-or-treat?


Dhemz Apdian - Dias said...

wahahhaa...as in last year pani? hahhaa....kuyaw kud ka motago tsang...wa diay tawon nakit-an sa duha ka cuties.

MEcoy said...

how i wish i could still go and do that hahaha i love candies