Daily's Cocktail

Couple of months ago I signed up for a free cocktails at Daily's. Thanks to my friend for sharing the link. They sent out $10 worth of GC to those who signed up. They have Daily's cocktail with alcohol ready to drink in the pouch but they don't have that available in Walmart here in Pittsburgh. The alcohol laws of Pennsylvania are some of the most restrictive in the United States of America, and contain many peculiarities not found in other states. Anyway, I want to thank Dhemz of Savour the Flavor for this yummy cocktail in a pouch that she sent to me. I used the gift card to buy that four bottles of cocktail mix at Walmart. It's only $2.5o each.


Dhemz Apdian - Dias said...

ayay, bag-o lang ko nag inom...wahehhee...alcoholic na jud ko da...strict diay diha sa inyo bayot no?

lami ba nang sweet and sour tsang? wapa ko katilaw ana...will try to check it out..tagay ta part...ehehehe!