Brewing the Perfect Cup of Coffee

You may not know what a single serve brewing system is but you have probably enjoyed the results – the Keurig® brand Special Edition B60 on demand coffee maker is a classic example of a single serve brewer. On demand brewing systems are the modern way to make coffee by the cup – they were first introduced in professional settings where hospitality was important but staffing was an issue. The role of the secretary or receptionist once included waitress duty but those days are long gone – today its all D-I-Y and single serve coffee makers epitomize that trend.

It’s easy to do it yourself with an on demand brewing system because the machines are so well designed that just about anyone can brew the perfect cup of coffee. The devices brew coffee one cup at a time and they brew it directly into a cup, glass or mug. To make coffee you simply place your cup under the brewing port, insert a coffee pod and press a button. In less than one minute the machine issues a fresh, hot and flavorful cup of coffee that is ready to drink and enjoy. To make another cup you simply discard the spent coffee pod and begin anew.

It’s easy to switch back and forth between regular and decaffeinated coffee and tea since each cup is individually brewed. With a decaf or regular K-Cup® coffee pod you can enjoy a variety of flavors, roasts and blends along with exotic teas, hot cider and even hot chocolate or chai. On demand brewers offer freedom of choice and free up staff to focus on more important work matters. 085508ce3feb083172636c7b7731578aa231f9a0dbded25403