Filipino Way Party

Who wouldn't drool for this huh! Yeah, in the Philippines if there's a party lechon (whole roast pig) is always present. This was taken when my sister got engaged. Her fiancé' Kelly (her husband now) was so fascinated with how we celebrate traditional Filipino way. Our foods and preparations are way different from the American party. Filipino loves food and gatherings with families, relatives and friends no matter how huge the clan is there’s always food for everybody including the neighbors and perhaps the whole block in your street.


Dhemz said...

korek...pretty well said in...hahaha....basta pakals..hala

pagkalami sa lechon....panit man dayon ako ug gusok...agoy....tulon tulon man sad ko!

chubskulit said...

ZHigh blood an katapat nyan hehehehe..

daan na din ako dito habang may gasolina pa ang aking pajero nyahahahaha

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Anygen said...

Panit ray ako-a ni tsang. Tagudpud raba na hahahah...yummy!

Cecile said...

wow, lami anang panit uy, mao lang to akong kaonon anang litson :-)!

Chie Wilks said...

Yes...I...I droool jud....saonzzz...the best man jud ning lechon basta party oi..favorite naku ang panit dapit sa tiyan