For the Love of Food

We all love food. No matter what type of cuisine, what country it came from, for as long as it's delicious and eatable I definitely eat it. My question is, where do you buy some of your grocery stuff? Well, if you like to shop online, there is a new website where you can get everything you want from cuisinart parts, coffee to accessories and even cars and vacation deals. I think it's a new website to search everything you want. It probably called Gourmet Depot because they have updated list of all the things that a person would like to search online.

Meanwhile, as much as I love to learn how to cook, I somewhat find it hard to follow all the complete ingredients of the recipe that I want. It's my husband who does most of the grocery shopping and sometimes he is lazy to look for the ingredients that I added in the list. There are also times that my head want to cook but my body won't cooperate. I am not picky when it comes to food. I eat everything that is eatable and taste good. However, I still considered myself lucky for having a kind and generous MIL because she handed over to me all the cooking equipment she had in her kitchen. I don't have to worry looking for some parts that I can use in baking.


Vernz said...

me too I eat what is eatable.. hehehe.. ako pud oi usahay maka walay gana ilutu kay kulang ingredients.. usa pa makit-an nako face sa akong MIL.. hahh :)

thanks Shy for drop :)

Dhemz said...

mas ganahan ko sa ato sa pinas tsang kay d kau uso mag luto labi na puyo sa syudad...sos, kadaghan carenderia sa kilid kilid...nya naa pa jud mga ala carte...ehehehe!