A Gift for Myself

Gift-giving is always one of the things we could easily think about when we think about Christmas. As a mom and wife, I think about giving gifts to my kids and hubby. Then there are other special people who I’d love to give presents to, of course. But when was the last time I ever thought of giving myself a gift? Stay at home moms like me deserve a treat too, don’t we?

For starters I’d like it to be something that I could use everyday. That way, I could have something to remember Christmas 2011 by. Not to mention that I want something that I could show off to friends and family who would come over! I thought, maybe I should look at kitchen ranges and ovens on sale in the malls. It’s definitely something that I use everyday plus I could explore more on my cooking, making everyone else in the family happy-- plus it will definitely add beauty to my kitchen!

I wonder what would be a better choice: a gas or an electric range? I will have to ask friends about this, or surf online. Style and color wise, I am so surprised there is such a wide array of choices to choose from in the internet! Aside from style and color, I would also have to consider its size of course. I guess I would really help the need of hubby on this one.


Dhemz said...

korekness...we deserve a gift for ourselves....maong pag shoppping galore na bayot...ako pangshopping ani ang mypoints...lol...magtagad sako ug november...lol!