Shrimp Egg Foo Young

TGIF! Yes, truly thank God for this wonderful week and weekend. Friday is Pizza or Chinese food day. This week, we ordered the latter. As usual the husband got his General Tso Chicken and I opted to try something else. I ordered a Shrimp Egg Foo Young for a change. It's not bad. It's like a scrambled egg mixed with veggies and shrimp. Well, the picture doesn't look delightful but underneath in that egg are shrimps, and I was satisfied with it because they put lots of shrimps. I still have left over for tomorrow. Happy weekend everyone!

Here is a fortune or words to ponder from one of the fortune cookie we got with the food today.


Dhemz said... cooking for friday....mahilig jud ni atong mga bana ug time we know lupad nani sila kay mapak-an...ehehe...joke!

wala pako katilaw ana tsang...lami diay na...will try that next time....:) korek, money is not everything indeed...pero sa panahon ngayon money is everything...labi na ang atong mga utang..ehehe...joke!

beingwell said...

Friday is usually leftover day here at home or we'd go out! :D I miss pizza, it's been a while..

Anyway, do visit my blog too. I'd love to have visitors come over. :D Here's my link