Year End Sale Craze

I am always looking forward to year-end sales—and who isn’t? Sometimes the prices could go down as low as 50% discount or more. So yes, I guess I should start saving up for the Holiday season and year end sale at the end of the year.

Aside from gifts that I would like to get for hubby and the kids, I would also like to check on some things that would be useful in the house. It would be nice to start the year with some new stuff , don’t you think so? In fact it would be great to check the dinnerware sets clearance sale so we could have new china and glassware to use for New Year’s Eve dinner.

Looking into those beautiful glassware like shannon crystal by godinger really fascinates me. The intricate designs and those world-class workmanship are really impressive. I am also hoping to get one of those beverage glasses. It would be perfect for special occasions—and those candle holders would be just perfect for the holidays! Now my list is getting longer, which means I have to be serious about saving up.

I guess hubby would appreciate a gift that would be useful for family cookouts. A grill light would be a great present for him since our cookouts with friends sometimes last ‘til late at night and having one of those grill lights in those cookouts would really make our get-together even more enjoyable!