We Love IHOP

Super Rooty Tooty Fresh n' Fruity

Super Rooty Tooty Fresh n' Fruity kids meal with blueberry

The last time we went to Ihop was over months ago. I miss Ihop now. I love their pancake and other foods in their menu. Even this two picky eaters love Ihop. The picture was taken the last time we were there.


Umma said...

mayo pa ning mga anak mo tsang kay wa pili sa food.. si Koala nako pastilan ka pilian sa food.

LODS said...

Hi Shy just visiting. And if you love Ihop you should take the kids on the 28 of october so they can get a free count dracula pancake each child.. Try calling your nearest Ihop to verify. or you could take your kids to Lowes on the 22nd so they can get a monster truck they can build free. call your neares lowes shy to check out the details kay you have to register your child for it and find the nearest participating stores. I read that from one of the many couponing sites I have been busy with,heheheheheh

LODS said...


my computer reminds me about your site nga dangerous daw. I haven't tried the other site but I will after this and will leave a msg if its still the same.