Thanks to Roman May
After racking my brain for weeks trying to decide what I am going to get my husband for Christmas this year, I think that I have finally found something that he doesn’t have and that he will enjoy. I am going to get him Direct tv sports channels. We already have the basic sports channels, but there are often times when he ends up streaming a sports game that he wants to watch on the little thirteen inch computer screen because we don’t have the channels that are featuring the football games that he wants to watch. His team, the Georgia Bulldog, didn’t do too well at the beginning of the football season this year. Because they were stinking it up, they didn’t get picked up by any of the big networks for some of the games. I have to say that I sort of felt sorry for him watching the game on the MAC book. The screen was so tiny and the players looked like ants. I think that he will love this gift.


Dhemz said...

mayra jud dire kay naa GP...dugay nasad ko wa tagae GP da...mingaw na ang BV...ehehhee!