Native Foodies In My Kitchen

These are some Filipino foods that we usually prepared in our kitchen back then. Simple home cooking from simple Filipino family. Not all pinoys eat this kind of food but I'm sure they have tasted it but it has different reaction to their health. My siblings are very picky witht he vegetables they eat. They never like egg plant, okra, but we grew up eating green beans, long beans and monggo.

I learned to like eggplant when I was assigned in the mountain school. I love this egg plant salad mixed with ginger, vinegar, and green onions. The best appetizer ever.

If you grew up living the simple Filipino lifestyle, you sure love to eat this kind of noodles mixed with sardines. Yum!

And of course the ordinary viand that easy to prepare and it sure fill your tummy up.


Health Buzz said...

I really liked this :)