Siomai for her, Taco for him

Goldilocks Siomai

I ordered a pack of frozen siomai at Phil-Am store. It was product of Goldilocks and a bit expensive but what a heck, i love it. It taste like what siomai supposed to taste which is different from the one I made. I would still buy more once I'm out of siomai. This was my dinner last night with rice and the left over monggo bean mixed with variety of vegies. and the gang had different menu.

Babger had broccoli and frozen tacos that we bought at Costco. This taco really taste good and great for easy meal and snacking foods.

The kids had chicken nuggets and fries.


beingwell said...

Cool! This reminds me of the frozen shrimp siomais I still have in the fridge! :)

KM said...

oh gosh! i have been craving for siomai since i got back from my Philippines vacation, and now seeing this, makes me just crave more :D

thanks for visiting my blog :)

ladyguinevere28 said...


Thanks for the visit from MLM, sorry very late ako. Super like ko ang somai and I remember my xbf loves the taco as well. Grrrrrr

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