46/366 Blog Photo Challenge | Mid Night Snacks

One night the kids were so busy stealing food at the kitchen and fortunately little Spidey able to climbed up and reached the box of Ritz crackers so the split up the two pack of Ritz. Ms. Muppet got the half packed and Mr. Spidey took the whole unopened pack. But the grumpy old man caught them and put the packs of ritz to where it belong. I thought it's the perfect midnight snacks while doing some blogging chika.

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Adin B said...

Nice na snack. Naa ko ganahan nga crackers nakalimot ko sa name oi basta kaming tulo pastilan mahurot lagi dayon... :) Bisita ko nimo mommyShy.

Adin B

wifetoalineman02 said...

those are yummy treat Mommy Sheila
:-) sori kiddos ky Mr. Grumpy Old Man caught you :-( isiting from #46 of BPC, hope that you can return the visit too.


Dhemz said...

what a cute story! hahhaa...kalingaw ni si Ms. Muppet ug Mr. Spidey...:)

coke and crackers..ayay!

emz said...

i like ritz! its one of our favorite. =)

visit from #46

Shahz said...

Ah! ka yahay gd.. mag cege nalang midnight snack.. heheh regards sa tanan..

""rare*jonRez"" said...

50 years na guro ko wa kainom ug Coke ay. nakalimot na ko unsay lasa ana. Lol. Ritz nuon nga crackers naa pud mi stock diri. kay ulit pud mi ana sa isa ka bata batuta diri. :D

Late BPC 46 visit ko diri She kay perting pahulay. :) Musta inyong agenda gahapon?