A Collection of Recipes on Clipix

How do you organize the recipes you found online?  Have you tried clipix yet?  Clipix will change the way you organize your online life.  It's free and indeed useful tool.  How awesome is that.  Clipix is very easy to use.  Visit the website to sign up and find out for yourself.  I encourage you to watch the video above to give you a quick understanding of how clipix works and the convenience you will benefit in using it.  I've been using clipix since the day I learned about it and been clipping important articles including recipes, shopping sites and more. 

The collection of recipes (image below) you see in this post were from different website.  I don't have to bookmarked each one of them because I am using clipix.  If I want to try one of them, all I have to do is go to my clipix account.  You can customize the privacy setting of your clipix and share it with your friends.  You can created a different clipboard of the things you want to organize such as books to read, gift ideas, vacation ideas, shopping site or shoes and bags you want to buy online, important milestones and more.  With our busy life, as much as we wanted to sit and read all day but we can not.  So now with clipix, you can go back anytime to that website that has amazing recipe that you would want to try.

Sign up to clipix today and tell me what are you going to use clipix for?  Are you satisfied how you organize your online life, using clipix? 

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