Stay In Love

It’s unbelievable how prices of flowers and chocolates have gone up last Valentine’s Day. Despite the bloated prices, people still ordered bouquets with stuffed toys and chocolate bars to give their ladyloves. Well, if it’s what it takes to make the love of your life happy, why not? To see that smile on her face would be totally worth all that expense.

Chocolates have a way of making someone feel special. In fact, regardless of occasion, it always proves to be a perfect gift for someone dear to you. You could send Chocolate hampers to someone who is sick or is recovering from an illness, give it on his or her birthday, on an anniversary, or yes, just on a random day. Chemically, it is believed that chocolates contain a compound responsible for that pleasurable feeling you get after eating chocolate. Some people actually eat chocolate to combat with boredom and even depression. In fact, studies have it that eating dark chocolate is found out to give that “rewarding feeling”, which could be more pleasurable than passionate kissing.

Back to that compound mentioned earlier, it is called Phenyletylamine (PEA), also known as the “love chemical” which the brain releases when people are in love. Oh, so that makes sense why chocolates and Valentine’s are very much linked to each other!

Make your loved one happier today. Get him or her box of chocolates... enjoy and stay in love!