Pizza Bites

I asked babger to buy kids food because I ran out of ideas of what to cook for my picky eaters. He came home from the grocery store with a whole lot of frozen food like meatball marinara rolls, pizza bread, and chicken burger. They never liked the pizza bread and chicken burger and this pizza bites too. This looks yummy right? Pizza Bites Kids reaction;
Justine: yuck, i don't like pizza bite, i like pizza
Jake; can I have the triangle pizza mommy.

This is easy to prepare and we are out of frozen pizza the triangle, round or whatever. Heller, this is pizza too.

Anyway, we made Jake to try and tasted it. He said, it is alright and he only wants two. Who do you think ate all the foods which we bought for children? Hey Babe! What's for dinner? The children, I mean the children finger food.


Taiga said...
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Taiga said...

wow i want to try this! I wonder if we have something like this, if you love pizza, you got to love anything pizza, I believe. lol